lunes, 27 de enero de 2020

viernes, 24 de enero de 2020

Another Stranger Me

Blind Guardian
Música y Letras: Hansi Kürsch

Seed of doubt, it exists and it grows.
A glimpse of life from somewhere deep within,
awake and understand.

Is there anyone else here,
somebody's screaming.
Please help me.
I know now that I am not dreaming.
Welcome to my damnation.
Here it comes the real me.

miércoles, 22 de enero de 2020

Condiciones de Uso

Thank you. Today, I'm here to say thank you to those of you all round the world who've made our achievements possible, to everyone who, over the years, has given us everything.

We gave you pieces of plastic and circuitry and games and you handed us, me, my company, total access to your lives, what you buy, where you go, who you text, what you text, every thought and photo and post, every credit-card number, every birthday, every memorable place and all your mothers' maiden names.

So thank you for carrying our cameras in your pockets and putting our microphones in your bedrooms, for signing up your kids, handing them our devices.

We told you, "Of course your lives are private, of course your data's safe." And you believed us. You kept clicking Agree.

Daniel Barton, Doctor Who 12x02 ~ Spyfall, Part 2

lunes, 20 de enero de 2020


¿En qué se parece un hombre a un columpio?... En que al principio divierte, pero al final marea.

viernes, 17 de enero de 2020

Land of Immortals

Rhapsody Of Fire
Música y Letras: Luca Turilli & Alex Staropoli

Hear the silence of the winds making your own destiny,
go and face the mirror of their sin.
Only brave hearts found the way
breaking all the dragon's spell,
cross the Argon's glade with heart in hand.

Land of immortals, I wait for my day
to reach the wisdom of your skies.
Land of immortals, you must belong to me
from here to eternity.

miércoles, 15 de enero de 2020

Vampiros crónicos

Damon: What's so special about this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped.

Caroline: You gotta read the first book first. It won't make sense if you don't.

Damon: Ah, I miss Anne Rice, she was so on it.

Caroline: How come you don't sparkle?

Damon: Because I live in the real world, where vampires burn in the sun.

The Vampire Diaries 1x04 ~ Family Ties

viernes, 10 de enero de 2020


Nanowar of Steel
Música y Letras: Nanowar of Steel

...con Angus McFife, de Gloryhammer

I am drowning in a sea of desperation,
then I sing a prayer to my Lord.
Away from hope and systembolaget
and I sing a prayer to my Lord.
I pray, I pray, yes I pray to my Lord!
I was down on my knees,
permafrost on my feet.
I was begging in tears my holy Lord... Odin.

Hear our prayer, philantropic Odin,
Guitar tech of Amon Amarth.
Viking-friendly, Slayer of the Giants.
Guitar tech of Hammerfall as well.

miércoles, 8 de enero de 2020

Batman: Arkham City (2011)

Batman: Arkham City es un videojuego de acción-aventura/sigilo basado en el personaje de DC Comics, secuela de Batman: Arkham Asylum. Bruce Wayne es encarcelado en Arkham City, una extensa y nueva ciudad convertida en una súper-prisión cinco veces más grande que el mapa de la entrega anterior, incluyendo una amplia variedad de distritos industriales, lugares emblemáticos y monumentos de Gotham City.

Mayor jugabilidad, movimientos, combos, gadgets, desafíos, variedad de acertijos, misiones, posibilidad de usar diferentes personajes... es un más de lo mismo pero mucho mejor respecto a la entrega anterior.